What's on Your Chip?
Protect your Personal Information from RFID Theft Today!

Did you know YOUR Personal Information could be AT RISK!

Your credit cards, drivers license, passports, etc... may contain an RFID chip that contains your personal information.

With the right equipment, somebody could obtain this information from this chip without your knowledge or permission.

Note: RFID chips can typically be read through purses, wallets, clothing and more. 

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RFID Protection Credit Card or Passport Sleeve
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can help shield or block your information from RFID scanners.

Common Products that use RFID:
  • Credit & Debit Cards
  • US Border / Passport Cards
  • Enhanced Drivers Licenses
  • Library Cards
  • Employee ID Badges
  • Passports

They often have logos similar
to the ones  shown here-->

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